The Hangover Sandwich and Forgotten Freebies

I am a useless and incompetent drunkard. Some things need not be stated so bluntly but this one appears to be true. I tweeted a tweet on Twitter that said, “When I reach 1000 followers I will give Tripping the Night Fantastic away for 2 days!!” It was a good plan – carried out poorly.

That tweet was on the 4th of Feb and at the time I had about 400 followers. 10 days later I had 900. And so I went on to Amazon’s KDP select (the place where authors can manage promotions and track sales) and set the giveaway for this weekend in anticipation of reaching that 1000 follower mark.

It was 3am when I set the promotion. I have no recollection of it. It was all wrong. The next day, to my surprise, Tripping the Night Fantastic was free. 2 Weeks early! So I went back in to KDP and set a new date for the giveaway. This time I was sober and I managed to set the dates correctly. As I type it is the 2nd March, I have 1,056 followers and the book is indeed free this weekend! A sublime achievement. Unfortunately I have also been off work for the last couple of weeks (using up some holiday time to escape from work for a while) and my internal calendar has come adrift from the actual calendar. Yesterday I didn’t realise it was Saturday until about 6pm. I was under the delusional impression that it was a Thursday. And so, because I didn’t know what day it was, I failed to announce that the book was free.

Today I am hung-over (shock and horror) and am only now (2pm) announcing it (see current post). I am not expecting to give away many books.

Now, even though I have messed up my fantastical book giveaway, I have achieved something quite magnificent. Today I designed and built the ultimate hangover cure. I call it The Sandwich of Perpetual Colossusness. And here is a picture of it –

The Almighty Sandwich

The great thing about this sandwich (and what makes it so good for hangovers) is that it can also be used as an impromptu pillow.

Sandwich Pillow

But anyway, enough of this sandwich talk, Tripping the Night Fantastic is free right now, so pop on over to Amazon and get yourself a copy. Reviews are always welcome, good or bad, I don’t mind, it’s always interesting to see what people have to say about it. And I have extended the giveaway to include tomorrow (Monday 3rd March) to make up for the Saturday I lost. Please tweet, facebook, employ a street yeller, email the President, anything you can to help spread the word 🙂