Korean Spies

This is a bit weird. I was on YouTube about 45 minutes ago, wisely debunking the crazy conspiracy theories of internet nutcases, when The Republic of Korea started spying on me.

I commented on a video called Alien Humanoids Attend Kim Jong Il’s Funeral? 2011. If you have a look at the video on YouTube my comment is the one at the top (Kassidy Andy is my YouTube name). You will notice that I clearly and rationally proved that tall people are not aliens and that camera crews are quite capable of walking out of shot. You see, I solved the case, disproved the conspiracy, the video can now be removed from the internet and this whole thing can be forgotten.

But now, as I mentioned, Korea appears to be watching me. (Maybe I’m making things worse by talking about this in the very place they are checking up on me?). About 10 minutes after I made that comment on YouTube my WordPress Blog got viewed by someone in the Republic of Korea…

You see, now I’m just sounding like a conspiracy nut.

Here is a picture of my WordPress stats page –

Korean Stats

You see, I’m telling the truth. But what does it all mean? If the two things are connected, (it could just be a very fluky coincidence), how did they know about the blog? It is not connected in any way to my YouTube page. It must be a coincidence. For some reason someone in Korea just came across my blog just after I wrote about Korean Aliens on YouTube. Weird though. What do you think?

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