Before Words, There Was Music

Music Typewriter

A little while ago I started writing music articles for a website called Unfortunately 3 years of interviews, articles, and photos were lost by the server that hosted the website and Instead of starting fresh the guy that ran it decided to call it a day. This was a shame as I quite enjoyed writing for them and was frequently on the top spot of the most read list. He did go on to start a new website called and I urge you to visit.

It seemed a shame to leave those articles doing nothing on my hard drive so I thought I’d drag some of them up from their resting place and give them new life via a new blog, linked to this one.

The new blog is called AndyChapMusic. I’ll use it to upload some of the old articles but it will also give me an outlet to write about music when the urge takes me. You’ll see at the top of this page there is now a new heading – Before Words There is Music. Anytime I write a new music post I will list it in there so check in now and then if you like hearing about new music. So far I have uploaded three articles (listed below) but I will be adding more daily.

The articles so far –

Dirty Beaches – Double LP Drifters/Love is the Devil

Thee Oh Sees – Floating Coffin LP Out Now

Bad Cop – Light On


Sexy Title Designed to Lure You In

The strange thing is, it’s not normally this easy to grab a reader’s attention. But there we are. I got you hooked. It’s lucky really because if you weren’t hooked and still reading these words I would look rather silly wouldn’t I? Still, here you are, still reading. And if you’re not still reading I’m still winning because if you weren’t you wouldn’t be able to read this to see just how presumptuous I am being. You see? Now, it is entirely possible that some of you will stop reading now to prove a point. Which is fine, go ahead and make your point, in fact feel free to comment and let me know just how disinterested you are. You were so unmoved be my post that you were moved to make a comment. There, you see, I win again. And now if you do comment I win, and if you don’t I also win. It’s win – win. Which is always a good thing. But somehow, and this may be a first, the wins are both mine. It’s actually win – win – lose. That’s 2 – 1 to me and all you’ve done is read a paragraph. And you didn’t even know you were playing a game. (If you’re wondering why it’s not 2 – 0, well, you get a point just for being here).

What is the point to all this? Who knows? All I know is there are an estimated 152,000,000 blogs currently active on the internet. That is a lot of competition. And where there is a competition there must be a winner, and so far (like I said) I am winning 2 – 1. Actually, since you’re still reading you can have an extra point. Now it’s a draw, 2 – 2.

It is remarkably difficult to write a blog post that immediately grabs someone’s attention and then keeps hold of it until the end. First of all you need something interesting to say. Unfortunately useful and interesting information is a key function of a blog that mine sadly lacks. People like to learn new things so what a really smart blogger would do is end the post either just before, or just as soon, as someone realises that they aren’t going to learn anything. I make that 3 – 2.