Here’s the thing. I’ve been reading too much. I’ve also been writing a lot. Just not blog posts as you may have noticed, but a lot of novel writing. The blog has been left to asphyxiate from a lack of words. It needs constant content for it to survive but it’s not always possible. The blog for any writer is secondary. The proper writing always comes first. My problem is I write more than one thing at a time. Currently I am writing a kids book (Tommy, God of the Island of Wonder), a travel diary (Drowning in the Land of Madness) and a thriller (as yet unnamed), the blog simply takes a back seat. But the thing is the blog is the only thing that keeps my writing alive in the view of anyone that isn’t me. Every now and then it is important to feed this social beast. So welcome to a completely unimportant and unnecessary collection of words that are here for no good reason other than to be made of letters and to be in an order that reads as a coherent yet pointless series of sentences.

There’s no point in boring you though is there? I’ll tell you what, I’ll try and think of something interesting to say. Let me think. I’ll assume you are interested in writing, writers, books, and words, so an interesting thing about something related to that… Ok, here I go.

Did you know it is totally unnecessary to write anything in order to keep someone reading? It is more than possible to string someone along with the merest possibility of a payoff, even if the reader is half convinced already that he or she is wasting their time? You are wasting your time. But stick with me, because you know there is something interesting coming. The interesting thing is the following indisputable fact that I just came up with:

According to a recent poll 100% of people that took part agreed that they would be happy to be involved in a poll.

Good god, what the hell am I talking about? We’ll catch up again soon. I’ll think about what I’m going to write before I start next time.

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