Emerald Society Pic

There is a wasp that stings a cockroach in the head

It picks its place carefully, like an emerald surgeon

The only attractive wasp, the worst of all its ilk


The innocent bug with its reputation for surviving

Fails wholeheartedly at upholding stereotypes

Obediently it is led toward the jewel’s nest


The bug fucks the cockroach, not copulate, it screws it

It gives birth inside it. Those babies, my god those babies,

What an introduction to the world.


There was a human woman. She was dressed in sequins.

She enthralled a cow and laid her foetus inside it

The living beef shed no tears. Mesmerised by the woman.


The bovine feedbag lived until each organ was devoured

The baby gnawed at each part, but kept it alive until

Finally the kid could crawl from its dead carcass


And the baby grew fast, and found another cow, to fuck

To keep alive. Its kids will repeat the whole ghastly thing

The natural world is a bewildering pit of shit


Apulex Compressa, if human was wasp, society

Would be a perfect metaphor for modern tragedy

But why be so blunt when we have reality


Unvailing, with no further introduction; modern life

The conservatives are here to fuck you in the ear

And give birth to a cockroach-cattle herd


Accept death. Or don’t. You don’t have to choose

Those conservatives in suits sure look nice don’t they?

Be the cockroach, be the wasp, or watch and cry

The best you can do is hates both sides.

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