Charlie Hillman set off one day

He had nothing but a song and his own good name

He had no money, no house and no car

Just a road and an old guitar


His feet was saw now and the road was long

Three more steps and the sun was gone

He stood alone on an empty road

Nowhere to sleep and the night was cold


But Charlie was determined and wise and sure

He camped in the doorway of a local store

He slept while his fingers strummed a riff

It was a song about strife and defeating the rich


The sun was up now and Charlie was gone

A man silhouette against the heat of the sun

A one way journey to deliver his song

For in his jacket was concealed a gun


And in an office not far away

A meeting of suits was underway

“The profits are up now by 6 percent,

And we only had to fire thirty men”


The men they laughed and smoked cigars

They had nice suits and brand new cars

But in worn out shoes, not far away

Was a man who had nothing but something to say


Charlie arrived at the big HQ

The building was tall and it ruined the view

The receptionist said, “Hey, who are you?”

And Charlie said, “Nobody, just some dude.”


“Could you help me out, miss, where’s the lift?

I got some urgent business.”

She said, “I’m sorry, sir, you’re not booked in.”

He said, “Well, listen, you better call their next of kin”


On the top floor executive lounge

Men in suits just hung around

They seemed to be finding something quite funny

They’re pockets were full with piles of money


And there stood Charlie Hillman

He said, “I’ve come to kill you, you starved my children.”

“But before I do,” he said kinda sly,

“I’ll play you a song, it should explain why.”

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