The Accidental Scoundrel – the book launch and trailer

They said it would never happen. But nobody knows who They are and so it happened anyway. The Accidental Scoundrel is finally coming out. And everybody screamed with delight.

Mark it in your diary, send postcards to your family, rethink your will, giggle in front of your friends, and high five yourself. In the face.

On the 3rd of November a book, that has sold under a million copies worldwide already, needs your help. A few weeks ago I saw it crying in a gutter and I said, “What’s wrong book?” and the book said, “I think everyone should buy me,” and I cried too. So I’m sure you can understand how important this is to me. No one wants to see a funny book cry. Charities are there for a reason.

My best advice for anyone who has been moved by this story is to buy The Accidental Scoundrel and then review it with many many stars so that it doesn’t have to be sad again.

Now, I realise that I may come across as bias in this case but I should reassure you that it is only because I am trying to sell as many copies as possible. And that’s ok because I want to sell books.

What you are reading now is a few paragraphs that people in the business call “promotional material.” In this promotional material I should be telling you about the book. About the story. But the plot is not important. It is only important that you laugh. It has a horse in it. And a street urchin. There’s some old conniving aristocrats. They steal whiskey together. It’s all really very riveting.

You know what you need to do. Pre-order it now from Amazon (it’s already out in paperback, but you can pre-order the kindle book now) –

Invite your friends to this event, share it on Facebook, Reblog it, tweet about it, grafiti the streets, whisper secretivly about it to your pets. There is a facebook group for the launch here –

Or if you scan this QR code it will take you straight to the page.