The Accidental Scoundrel CoverThe Accidental Scoundrel is free right now. If you don’t already have it, get it. Kindle e-reader, kindle app on your phone, go to Amazon, download it for free. Read it. Laugh. Go back to Amazon and tell the fucking world how brilliant it is. Do it now. Go on. It’s free.

What else are you going to do? Eat crisps and watch Hollyoaks? Fuck that. Read the book. Jem Roberts likes it and he’s a comedy historian. This is what he said –

“Anyone disappointed that Hugh Laurie’s second novel never turned up will be glad they picked up The Accidental Scoundrel and gave it a damn good reading.” – Jem Roberts, author of the upcoming official Fry and Laurie biography, Soupy Twists!

The Accidental Scoundrel is free now and will be for the next few days. But don’t wait. If you all download it at the same time it will shoot up Amazon’s hourly charts and get it in front of more readers. I don’t even care if you read it. Just download it.

This is my new sales tactic. I’m just going to badger and harass people into getting it. Get the damn book! It’s free! What’s your fucking problem? I think this is going to work.

Get it here my wonderful friends –

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