Gross Food Challenge Thumbnail.png

I have a YouTube channel. Well, my daughter (Kassidy) and I have a YouTube channel.

For the past two years we’ve been writing a kids book together called Tommy, God of the Island of Wonder, which we finally completed a few weeks ago. It’s a comedy about a boy called Tommy who, having just blown out his birthday candles, opens his eyes to find himself stranded on an island. This is The Island of Wonder; a testing ground for wishes. There he meets The Disco Voodoo King who teaches Tommy how to make wishes and tries to guide him to his perfect wish. Things get out of hand, The Disco Voodoo King is driven to despair, and Tommy learns nothing.

It has been sent out to two agents so far but I will be sending the manuscript out in earnest this week. Fingers crossed. I look forward to collecting a mountain of rejection slips! We just need one to say yes! Just one.

Back to YouTube. What better way to introduce you to Kassidy than a video of her being forced to eat disgusting food?


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