Do you have audible? If so would you like a free audiobook for review?
I you are interested in a getting a review copy of Tripping the Night Fantastic let me know and I will send you a unique download code in a private message so you can get your copy. Must be in exchange for a review though as I don’t have many codes to go around.
Genuine reviewers needed! Get your code!
Tripping the Night Fantastic is a darkly comic murder mystery. It is adult in theme and has been compared to Charles Bukowski, Trainspotting, House M.D (for its style of humour), and Californication. If you think that’s your sort of thing get the free audiobook and give it a good review! 
Send me an email at saying you would like a review copy and I will email you the unique code. You will have to let me know if you are a UK or US resident as the codes are different for each marketplace.

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