2A1J Episode 1 – The Plan

In Episode One of 2A1J Andrew has a rant about novellas and puts forward his case for why they are brilliant and should be read by all. Rachel and Andrew discuss what makes a novella a novella. They outline their plan for the podcast moving forwards and, at the end of the episode, reveal the ideas for the two novellas they will be writing over the next three months.

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2A1J episode 1 coming on Twosday…

Two Authors One Journal (2A1J) podcast is nearly here! Tune in on Twosday (haha) 25th June for episode 1.

Me and Rachel Howells have been recording the sounds of a typewriter and layering a guitar over it for our opening jingle and it sounds bloody brilliant.

On Twosday’s episode we’ll be talking about novellas and inviting you to write along with us as we start to come up with ideas for the two novellas we will be writing over the next 3 months.

Two authors, two novellas, three months to write them and three months to edit, create book covers, and build up to an Christmas release in paperback and Kindle.

We can’t wait to start writing our new novellas and bring you into our creative writing process.

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Feral by Matt Serafini – Audiobook Review

A Horror so gruesome blood trickled from my earphones

Feral Cover


The book opens with a glorious and bloody first chapter (it begins with a vicious scene involving a girl in a bath tub. I won’t say any more on that).

The story then meanders a bit as you get to know the central group of characters but pretty soon people start disappearing and werewolves start crunching on skulls with their big fanged mouths. At one point a man’s face is torn away like skin from a cooked chicken. So if you like that sort of thing, tuck in.

The narration by Matt Godfrey is excellent. His voice delivers the story to your ears with great efficiency and effectiveness.

Feral is a good start to what I’m sure will be a bloody and howling series.

My only criticism is the meandering second act but much is made up by the quality of the writing. Matt Serafini knows his craft well.

Click here to view the book on Amazon (or on the picture above to go directly to the Audible page).

Sales, Reviews and Breaking News

Rachel Howells

Where do I start? The beginning you say, ok…

I was born on a summers day in the late seventies. It was July. I would be the first daughter born into a growing family.

Only joking, I’ll start with some exciting news for my partner, Andrew Chapman, author of Tripping the Night Fantastic, The Accidental Scoundrel and now, Shelley Town RPG.

Andy began writing Shelley Town RPG at the end of September last year, the same time I began writing Wode House. It was easy for us to start our journey writing our first full length novels. With both of us being writers we never felt that we were ignoring the other or misplacing our attention. If anything it really helped that we both had such a passion for writing. We would spend most of our spare time sitting opposite each other, sharing a desk, tapping away at the keyboards…

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The Rats by James Herbert – REVIEW

This book surprised me. I was expecting some schlock. Some B-movie pulp horror. A first attempt at fiction by an author who would become one of England’s best selling horror novelists. But actually, it was brilliant.

It has a few intentional false starts so you’re not sure for a while if the person you’re following on that page is going to die in the next. Or if he, or she, will go on to be the main protagonist of the story. At first the book is a series of vignettes of rat killings. But you don’t just get a violent attack. You really get to know every character before they are ripped to shreds.

It starts with a story involving a gay salesman struggling with his love for another man. You think he’s going to be the main character and then he wakes up to find he’s being eaten alive by a swarm of rats the size of a small dogs.

The depth James Herbert gets from his characters is impressive for such a small book. He wants you to feel something for them before their eyes are graphically chewed out.

There are lots of things about this book I want to spoil for you, but I won’t. The ending was absurd and brilliant. I absolutely recommend it.

From launch day to now. Three days in…

Rachel Howells

When I finished Wode House I wasn’t sure whether to submit to literary agents and publishers first or, self publish with a view to seeking representation.

I decided to see if I could create a mailing list to establish and generate interest. I said to myself, if I could get at least 100 people on my mailing list with a view to hoping half of that would buy my book that I would self publish initially.

The mailing list reached 100 within hours and as such I decided to take the risk of self publishing.

Launch day was Monday, 03/06/19 and it was a complete whirlwind. I’ve sold more than 50 copies (the second goal in self publishing) and already I’m receiving phenomenal feedback.

I originally hoped one person would enjoy it. Here are some of the comments from feedback I’ve received so far:

‘Rachel, it’s brilliant’

‘honestly, I couldn’t…

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The Proof is in the Post-it Note!

Holding the proof copy of Wode House by my beautiful and talented partner, Rachel Howells (@rachypetalface).

We are one day away from the big launch! Tomorrow, Monday, 3/6/19, is the day. Write it in biro on the back of your hand so you don’t forget. Put a post-it note on the foreheads of your children (in case the ink rubs off your hand). Spray paint the side of your vehicle so you are reminded on the way to work. Whatever you do don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the first to read this highly anticipated debut novel.

Click on one of the link below to get your copy.

Or, if link-clicking isn’t your thing, search for Wode House Rachel Howells, in the Amazon search bar.