Rachel Howells

Where do I start? The beginning you say, ok…

I was born on a summers day in the late seventies. It was July. I would be the first daughter born into a growing family.

Only joking, I’ll start with some exciting news for my partner, Andrew Chapman, author of Tripping the Night Fantastic, The Accidental Scoundrel and now, Shelley Town RPG.

Andy began writing Shelley Town RPG at the end of September last year, the same time I began writing Wode House. It was easy for us to start our journey writing our first full length novels. With both of us being writers we never felt that we were ignoring the other or misplacing our attention. If anything it really helped that we both had such a passion for writing. We would spend most of our spare time sitting opposite each other, sharing a desk, tapping away at the keyboards…

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