A Horror so gruesome blood trickled from my earphones

Feral Cover


The book opens with a glorious and bloody first chapter (it begins with a vicious scene involving a girl in a bath tub. I won’t say any more on that).

The story then meanders a bit as you get to know the central group of characters but pretty soon people start disappearing and werewolves start crunching on skulls with their big fanged mouths. At one point a man’s face is torn away like skin from a cooked chicken. So if you like that sort of thing, tuck in.

The narration by Matt Godfrey is excellent. His voice delivers the story to your ears with great efficiency and effectiveness.

Feral is a good start to what I’m sure will be a bloody and howling series.

My only criticism is the meandering second act but much is made up by the quality of the writing. Matt Serafini knows his craft well.

Click here to view the book on Amazon (or on the picture above to go directly to the Audible page).

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