Tripping the Night Fantastic … FREE AUDIOBOOK!!! (Normally worth loads of money).

And there’s another one below if you keep scrolling. I’m such a generous dude. Holy moly.

FREE Tripping Audiobook Cover

Rude, charming, funny and offensive. Tripping the Night Fantastic is a dark comedy about a writer, Charlie Deavon, who attempts to solve a murder that he is accused of while under the influence of a new hallucinogenic drug called Merlin. Struggling with reality and suspecting he might be a character in a novel, Charlie trips and hallucinates his way to the solution of this unique and uproariously funny murder mystery.

To get the audiobook for free simply click on this link –

Tripping Audiobook Cover

Just one click of the button and you can have one or both of my novels delivered straight to your Audible library. No sign up, no accounts, just a free book (that normally costs quite a bit of money).

Once the codes are gone they are gone though. As me and the narrator still get paid when you get the book for free Audible, quite sensibly I suppose, put a limit on how many we can give away.


The Accidental Scoundrel

FREE Accidental Scoundrel Audiobook CoverA group of elderly and bored aristocrats have taken to stealing rare and priceless items to pass the time. A young man named Richard gets swept up in their world when he gets engaged to the daughter of the dangerously unpredictable Lord Rochdale. Although Richard is not particularly comfortable with theft, or much of the roguish behaviour that goes with it, he must prove to Rochdale that he has scoundrel potential in order to marry his daughter and, more importantly, stay alive.

Accidental Scoundrel Audiobook CoverWith the help of a disgruntled horse and a genius street urchin Richard haphazardly stumbles his way through Rochdale’s trials and not only survives but gains the respect (although he’s not entirely sure how) of Lord Rochdale and his elite group of scoundrels. Now all he has to do is steal a priceless bottle of whiskey.

“Do we have a new Wodehouse?” (Robert Wingfield, The INCA Project)

“Anyone disappointed that Hugh Laurie’s second novel never turned up will be glad they picked up The Accidental Scoundrel and gave it a damn good reading.” – Jem Roberts, author of the upcoming official Fry and Laurie biography, Soupy Twists!

Same as above, different link –

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