Keanu Reeves has written a comic. BRZRKR. It is fucking nuts. I enjoyed it immensly. The most batshit violence I’ve seen in a comic in a while.

At first I thought there wasn’t going to be much of a story but in the end there was and it was told with subtlety. By the time it was done I had a big grin on my face. I was intrigued and hooked.

And great news, Netflix has picked it up for a live action film, starring Keanu, and an anime series.

Get it while it’s hot and support your local comic book shop. I recommend Frog Bros in Boscombe. That’s where I get mine.


Invincible on Amazon Prime was a surprising watch. Based on the comic of the same name, written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), the first episode is your standard superhero origin story. Sort of…

Me and Rachel were enjoying it. There was nothing new there but it was entertaining. The first 50 minutes follow the expected tropes.

But then, with ten minutes to go, something insane happens. We watched with our mouths open and eyes wide. It was glorious. It changed everything. The show went from good to great. I won’t spoil anything here but go watch it now, if you haven’t already.

I might go back and rewatch that ending.

Comic Book Box!!

I finally got a box for all our comics and it’s already full, so we’re going to need another one! Did I go for the plain white box of the serious comic book collector? Hell no! I got the brightly coloured one aimed at 12 year-olds with the word POW! On the lid! Why? Because it makes me smile.

You won’t find many caped heroes in our collection (mine and Rachel Howells). It’s mostly horror comics and Sandman Universe stuff. And the odd My Little Pony/Transformers cross-over (Rachel).

Collecting comics easily becomes an obsession. It’s an obsession I’m willing to embrace. Storytelling and art. What is there to not like?

Support your local comic book store. I get mine at Frog Bros in Boscombe Sovereign Centre.