FREE audiobook comedy! (UK codes for Audible)

Rude, charming, funny, and offensive. Tripping the Night Fantastic is a dark comedy about a writer, Charlie Devon, who attempts to solve a murder while under the influence of a new hallucinogenic drug called Merlin. Struggling with reality and suspecting he might be a character in a novel, Charlie trips and hallucinates his way to the solution of this unique murder mystery.

Hello wonderful readers of audiobooks. I have UK codes to hand out for two of my novellas. They are short reads (each is about four and a half hours long) and have had many previous readers snorting and laughing away on their commutes to work. Reviews have been great so far but I desire more. The more reviews an audiobook has the more visible Audible’s mysterious algorithms make it for potential readers to find.

So, the two books. The first is Tripping the Night Fantastic, described above, and the second is The Accidental Scoundrel; a P. G. Wodehouse style comedy about a whisky heist.

If you would like a code for one or both of the books let me know in the comments and leave your email address so I can send you the code. If you aren’t comfortable sharing your email address here please come and find me on social media @AndyChapWriter (It’s the same on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and PM me.

Unfortunately I do only have UK codes available. All of my US codes have been used up.

Feel free to check out the books first on Audible at the following links –

Tripping the Night Fantastic

The Accidental Scoundrel

– Andy

Scratch that Funny Bone

The Accidental Scoundrel is an Audible laughter factory. It is where giggles are made. Put on your headphones, press play, and soon you’ll be howling like a chuckle obsessed laughter junky.

5 star comedy from Audible. Check out the reviews on Amazon –

Audible UK –

Audible US –

A Bit About Audiobooks, Some News, And A New Cover!

I love audiobooks. I love them. There are so many books I wouldn’t have read if it wasn’t for all those strange audiobook producers who sit endlessly in front of a microphone reading. War and Peace was over 60 hours of audio. Some poor bastard had to read the whole thing. But thank god they did. Because of them (and especially the late Frank Muller, who was a legend among audiobook fans until his untimely passing due to a motorcycle accident). Great Expectations, Moby Dick, all of those really big ones we always hope to one day read, I have read because, like a child, I had them read to me.

It’s frowned upon, or at least it was, the listening to of an audiobook. But the impression of these things is changing thanks to Audible. But still a bit of, “Well, you didn’t really read it did you?” goes on. It doesn’t matter by what method the words get into your head, it only matters that they do. I read with my eyes too, my bookcase is overflowing, sometimes I also read with my ears, that’s all. Blind people read with their fingers. You’re not going to accuse them of being lazy are you? I knew a guy who read with his elbows, but he was probably functioning on a different plain of sanity altogether.

Audio is my favourite medium for entertainment. I love podcasts, I love music, and I love audiobooks. It is for this reason that I am as excited as a very excitable person doing a very exciting thing (god I’m great at synonyms. It must be the writer in me…) to announce that Tripping the Night Fantastic, my first novel (and a very strange one at that) has just completed the recording process!

The files have been sent to ACX for review and soon the book will be available to all through Audible and Amazon. When the big day comes I will write another blog post with links and a cheeky little trick that means you can get the book for free and I and the producer/voice-artist (Alan Gron) will still get paid.

More soon! Hip hip hurrah!

What do you think of the cover for the audiobook?

Tripping Audible Cover.png

Audiobook Announcement!


I have some exciting news… The Accidental Scoundrel is being turned into an audiobook!

I will go into this in more detail in a later blog post, this is just a quicky to share my excitement. I love audiobooks. I have listened to hundreds of them over the years so the chance to hear my own book performed has me on the edge of elation.

As I said, I will go into this in more depth later in the week, but briefly, a sports commentator/producer/actor/broadcaster named Jake Sanson auditioned and was brilliant. The book went into production this week and the first 15 minutes is due in tomorrow for tweaks and notes.

That is all for now.

Can I say yippee and jump in the air like an excited child? I think I should allow myself the indulgence.