Publication news!

Dinosaurs, Jetpacks, and Rock Stars! (a book I wrote with Kassidy when she was 6) is available to buy today!

I didn’t realise you couldn’t set up a paperback for preorder so I’ve accidentally launched earlier than planned. (Nothing but professionalism here…)

The Kindle version is up for preorder for the actual release date, which is the 27th February (my daughter, and co-author’s, birthday), but the paperback is out there in the wild all by itself now!

Dinosaurs, Jetpacks, and Rock Stars! Is published! Hurrah!!

Feral by Matt Serafini – Audiobook Review

A Horror so gruesome blood trickled from my earphones

Feral Cover


The book opens with a glorious and bloody first chapter (it begins with a vicious scene involving a girl in a bath tub. I won’t say any more on that).

The story then meanders a bit as you get to know the central group of characters but pretty soon people start disappearing and werewolves start crunching on skulls with their big fanged mouths. At one point a man’s face is torn away like skin from a cooked chicken. So if you like that sort of thing, tuck in.

The narration by Matt Godfrey is excellent. His voice delivers the story to your ears with great efficiency and effectiveness.

Feral is a good start to what I’m sure will be a bloody and howling series.

My only criticism is the meandering second act but much is made up by the quality of the writing. Matt Serafini knows his craft well.

Click here to view the book on Amazon (or on the picture above to go directly to the Audible page).

The Proof is in the Post-it Note!

Holding the proof copy of Wode House by my beautiful and talented partner, Rachel Howells (@rachypetalface).

We are one day away from the big launch! Tomorrow, Monday, 3/6/19, is the day. Write it in biro on the back of your hand so you don’t forget. Put a post-it note on the foreheads of your children (in case the ink rubs off your hand). Spray paint the side of your vehicle so you are reminded on the way to work. Whatever you do don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the first to read this highly anticipated debut novel.

Click on one of the link below to get your copy.

Or, if link-clicking isn’t your thing, search for Wode House Rachel Howells, in the Amazon search bar.

Scratch that Funny Bone

The Accidental Scoundrel is an Audible laughter factory. It is where giggles are made. Put on your headphones, press play, and soon you’ll be howling like a chuckle obsessed laughter junky.

5 star comedy from Audible. Check out the reviews on Amazon –

Audible UK –

Audible US –

Tripping the Night Fantastic – FREE on Audible


Want a free audiobook? If you don’t already have audible copy and paste the link below to sign up and get Tripping the Night Fantastic for free. (It’s very easy to do. Simply enter your Amazon login and password and you’re off!)

UK –

US –

Already have Audible? Why not spend your next credit on a book people are finding hard to pin down, and hard to put down.

It is a murder mystery like no other. You will laugh your socks off and finish the book thinking, “What the hell was that?”

It has been getting great reviews and they are all saying the same thing. “That was a wild, bizarre, and hilarious read.”

A Bit About Audiobooks, Some News, And A New Cover!

I love audiobooks. I love them. There are so many books I wouldn’t have read if it wasn’t for all those strange audiobook producers who sit endlessly in front of a microphone reading. War and Peace was over 60 hours of audio. Some poor bastard had to read the whole thing. But thank god they did. Because of them (and especially the late Frank Muller, who was a legend among audiobook fans until his untimely passing due to a motorcycle accident). Great Expectations, Moby Dick, all of those really big ones we always hope to one day read, I have read because, like a child, I had them read to me.

It’s frowned upon, or at least it was, the listening to of an audiobook. But the impression of these things is changing thanks to Audible. But still a bit of, “Well, you didn’t really read it did you?” goes on. It doesn’t matter by what method the words get into your head, it only matters that they do. I read with my eyes too, my bookcase is overflowing, sometimes I also read with my ears, that’s all. Blind people read with their fingers. You’re not going to accuse them of being lazy are you? I knew a guy who read with his elbows, but he was probably functioning on a different plain of sanity altogether.

Audio is my favourite medium for entertainment. I love podcasts, I love music, and I love audiobooks. It is for this reason that I am as excited as a very excitable person doing a very exciting thing (god I’m great at synonyms. It must be the writer in me…) to announce that Tripping the Night Fantastic, my first novel (and a very strange one at that) has just completed the recording process!

The files have been sent to ACX for review and soon the book will be available to all through Audible and Amazon. When the big day comes I will write another blog post with links and a cheeky little trick that means you can get the book for free and I and the producer/voice-artist (Alan Gron) will still get paid.

More soon! Hip hip hurrah!

What do you think of the cover for the audiobook?

Tripping Audible Cover.png

Author Interview – Lyn Horner

Lyn Horner.jpgQuestion 1: Who are you and what have you written?

I’m Lyn Horner, author of western historical romance and romantic suspense novels, all with paranormal overtones. My newest book is Beguiling Delilah: Romancing the Guardians, Book Six. This series features psychic characters who guard apocalyptic prophesies handed down through time from ancient Irish seers.

Question 2: If you had to paint a portrait of any author who would it be?

I’d love to paint a portrait of Diana Gabaldon. She is my favorite living author. My favorite of all time is J.R.R. Tolkien. Since I’ve met Ms. Gabaldon and know what she looks like, she would be easier to paint than Tolkien.

Wuestion 3: Why did you start writing? Lyn Horner Beguiling Delilah

I was a fashion illustrator and art instructor until a move took me from my job. Having two young children at that time, I decided to stay home with them while my husband brought home the “bacon.” However, I quickly grew bored. Being a longtime reader of historical romance, I decided to try writing one. And that, as they say, is history. I now have 12 books published plus 2 box sets, all available on Amazon. I’m also a contributor to 3 anthologies, one of which is traditionally published, making me a hybrid author. I’ve won an award here and there and have received some terrific reviews, although not nearly enough.

Kwestion 4: Where do you write?

I write on my laptop, sometimes in a recliner in the living room or on my bed with research books and notes spread around me. I do have an office filled with bookshelves containing hundreds of books, and a nice desk. But since I need to keep my feet up most of the time due to circulation problems, I seldom work at the desk. I also write in my jammies lots of times.

Question 5: What is the most interesting thing you have learned recently?

I often watch (or listen to) the science channel on TV, as I’m doing right now. The most interest tidbit I’ve learned recently is that astronomers think there is a 9th planet (not Pluto) in our solar system – located extremely far away and likely very large. I’m anxious for them to find it!

Question 6: Have you experienced what psychologists call “The ultimate experience” ? Which is the frame of mind when you are writing and everything is flowing perfectly and the creative buzz is so great you lose track of time.

Hmm, sort of. I can get lost in my head when writing a scene, but that doesn’t usually last for hours at a time. I’m a plotter, meaning I pretty much know what my characters are going to do from scene to scene. The trick is to keep them on track so they end up where I want them. They do have minds of their own, but I’ve learned to control the willful creatures and still allow them to surprise me and readers from time to time. It’s a juggling act!

Last question: Are you happy as a writer?

Yes, I am happy writing. I don’t know what I would do without it, and thank God my husband and family are very supportive.


Lyn Horner’s, Beguiling Delilah, is available now on Amazon.

You can follow her on Twitter @LynHornerAuthor

For more about Lyn, and her back catalogue, check out her website here –