Tripping the Night Fantastic

Tripping the Night Fantastic Cover jpeg

Tripping the Night Fantastic is a sardonically funny murder mystery by the world famous author Andrew Chapman. No, wait, that’s not right. By the half drunk f-wit Andrew Chapman. Yes, that’s it.

Tripping the Night Fantastic is essentially a ‘Whodunit’, but one that is far from the traditional and expected set up. There is a murder, there is a sleuth, and there is a solution. There is also an awful lot of drug/alcohol related lunacy. Charlie Deavon is a writer who meets the sexually troublesome Amelia Heart in a pub (she’s a fan of his) and she soon winds up dead. There are a number of suspects, all friends, and Charlie and they try to solve the case together.

The three men, what with the stress of it all, turn to a new drug called Merlin which allows them to control and share hallucinations. From then on they trip and hallucinate their way through to the story’s conclusion. Madness ensues.

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“Absolutely brilliant, would easily recommend this book to anyone with a good imagination.” – Lynsay McWilliams

“Irreverent – Controversial – Rude – Funny and very, very well written. As murder mystery’s go, this is a great read.” – Ian D. Major

“Enjoyed this very much, loved the irreverent bits… Great characters, well written – lets have some more with these characters.” – Manxie1954

“This book has a lot of adult themes and a lot of swearing… it also has a lot of humour and a likeable trio of investigators – albeit crazy, drunken ones – who embark on their drink and drug fuelled chase to find the murderer. This is part mystery, part fantasy and part slapstick comic chase. I enjoyed it a lot… an imaginative and quirky read.” – S Riaz

“I haven’t read a book like this in a long time. Infact, I don’t think there’s anything quite like it?! I couldn’t put it down. The writer creates vivid imagery with his use of surreal similes and often had me laughing out loud in public places where I looked like a complete tripping lunatic myself. My favourite character has to be Charlie Deavon. He comes out with the Whittiest, dry, one liners. Initially, you will find him quite obnoxious but as the story unravels you won’t want him any other way and his knarcky attitude makes more sense. I feel like I know and relate to the characters ( I’m not sure this is a good thing)and I look forward to reading more from Andrew Chapman. This man clearly has talent! What is Charlie Deavon doing now????? Will we ever know??? I can’t stress enough, this book is fantastic!” – Amazon Customer

“…an incredibly random book that had me giggling away within the first few pages. There are points where you have no idea where the story is heading, and other points where you are thinking “oh no, that can’t be about to happen…”, then snickering when it does.” – K.S. Marsden

“I love the title of this book, “Tripping the Night Fantastic”, by Andrew Chapman is a humorous and enjoyable little read! It felt like a combination of hanging with “Dr. Gregory House” and the boys from “Trainspotting”… You love em and hate em all at the same time. I truly enjoyed the characters and look forward to more tales of woe that involve Charlie, Simon and Keep. “ – Wanda

This review is only a 3 star one, but for some reason I kind of like it:

“Sometimes, the worst drivel will attract a group of freaks. That would be this book. Thank goodness it was free. Like a clockwork Orange, I couldn’t look away. Sad what we are becoming. (review written during a mind bending depression, YMMV)” – mellowdee


From the back cover

The problem with the main character of any book realising that he may be just that; a fiction, is that it becomes rather hard to have him do as you wish, especially when he is also a writer and knows all your tricks.

And that he’s suspected of murder, incredibly drunk, hallucinating, and trying to solve his own case… really, I would just put the book down and read something else.

The metaphysical novel is best left to the fictional.



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